2015-03-12 14.03.45

A nice gift does’t have to be expensive… But it has to look good. The rest doesn’t matter much. Even the most expensive gift isn’t that appealing if it’s visually not at it’s best. What to do if we have a tight budget but we are very nice people 😉 and we want to make someone feel special by giving them something small but enjoyable? Here follow few ideas….

1.Find a suitable wrapping. If you kept wrapping from your previous gifts it won’t be difficult.


2. Look your jewellery through and think about what still looks nice but you are not wearing it becouse you don’t like it anymore or your taste has changed. It’s important that it suits this person’s taste.


3. Check if you have some unopened cosmetics that you’ve got or bought but for some reasons don’t use. Check if they are not expired. On the foto below you can see a facemask, a mini parfum and mini shower gel.

20150312_140128    20150312_140226

4. Sometimes I buy few sets of cosmetics when they are on sale only to have them as spare gifts for someone. On the photo below you can see such set ( with body lotion and wash gel ) that I bought for 2 euro.

5. Don’t be shy to ask samples of cosmetics at the drugstore. They are there for the clients like you. Later you can use them yourself or add to your gift.


This humble but nicely wrapped and full of feminine trifles gift I gave to my favourite aunt. I knew what she might like and with much delight I set up this gift. I spent around 2 euro 0n this gift and we both had a lot of fun with it.



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