I created this recipe by accident… again XD. I decided to quickly make something sweet for Linda.

I even found a very “noble” 🙂 vegan recipe…

One small detail… I actually didn’t have any of the ingredients.

But it could’t stop me! I’ve switched millet cereal with couscous ( which it fine becouse couscous is ready in 1 minute and millet cereal in 15 to 20, and I’m not a very patient person 🙂 The raisins pretended to be dates and turmeric pretended to be vegan chocolate. And just like that it turned out to be a really delicious pudding.


2,5 cup plant based milk

1,5 cup couscous

0,5 cup raisins

1tsp turmeric

Put raisins in milk and cook them until milk starts to boil. Then add couscous and reduce gas, add turmeric. Minute later turn the gas off and let couscous absorb milk. Blend it with a hand mixer to create creamy texture.

                                    IMG_4086     IMG_4081

I think this so called pudding tastes best when served with walnuts, raisins and agave syrup. You can also try it with honey if you like.

Anyway, bon apetit!



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