I just came back from a vacation in Poland ( read: family visit, so definitely not a vacation 😉 ), where I did big grocery shopping. Of course we have food here in The Netherlands but that’s not the same 😉 We even have Polish shops here but it’s still not the same. The prices in Poland are more inviting and selection is much wider. I paid around 58 euro voor the whole food haul ( except voor Xylitol which was a gift ) and I bought everything at Kaufland and Whole Foods Store. I’m very pleased with my purchases! Lots of those artices I will use for months.

Shopping list:

carob molasses

chia seeds

instant millet cereal

instant buckwheat cereal

instant rice cereal

instant barley cereal

rye bran

oat bran

corn groats

millet groats

oat groats

barley groats


coconut sugar

soy pate





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