This time I’ll start with a confession : I’m addicted to baked eggplant…

Eggplant is great in any form, maybe except from raw. If we have any eggplant leftovers I use them to make a bread spread or to put it in a soup or salad. But we almost never have eggplant leftovers…:-) An additional bonus : You simply can not cook easier than with eggplant.

You just cut it the way you like it best and put in on the oven tray. Then you add the spices you like, for example salt, pepper, smoked pepper, garlic and few drops of oil. That’s it! Put in in the oven for about 30-40 minutes at 180 C / 356 F. I often add also few cloves of garlic, pepper bells or onions.



                                DSC_0465             DSC_0463

I added a quick salad made of rucola, lettuce, baked garlic, avocado, black cumin and few drops of olive oil. Ready!

                             DSC_0502                DSC_0505

Bon Appetit!



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