On Sunday 4 October I invited few of my girlfriends for lunch and coffee with sweets. But the main reason for our gathering was to bring the things we don’t need and use anymore and “shop” that way with each other. That’s why I called it ” Second handing & Food “. We all brought something delicious to eat and had a great feast!

That’s what we ate:

1. Vegan pumpkin/carrot salad ( made by Gosia ).

2. Vegan tortilla wraps with fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper bells, hummus and avocado ( made by Linda ).

3. Vegetarian potato pie ( mady by Agata ).

4. Vegan pumpkin rolls ( made by Gosia ).

5. Vegan blondies ( made by Justyna ).

6. Vegan chocolate/tofu cheesecake ( made by Linda – recipe on our blog ).

DSC_1080    DSC_1078

DSC_1070   DSC_1073


 DSC_0005    DSC_0002


This was really a great party for all of us! I warmly recommend you try it with your friends.  Let us know if you ever made similar dishes or combined “Second Handing”  with such a feast.

Greetings, LINDA


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