In my 1st post about “Second Handing” I was focused on all the delicious food that we ate that day. This time I’m showing you quickly what we brought, mixed, exchanged… We had so much fun! ( This is the censored version of what was going on….:-) )

We all brought some things with us : clothes, accesories, shoes, books, dvd’s, cd’s, make up…. It’ s a great way to purge many of the things we are not really using and make someone else enjoy them. Everyone went home with nice things, leaving those they brought behind. ( What we didn’t need we gave to those less fortunate ).  It was like shopping but without money:-) And we didn’t know what to expect so there was a thrill of excitement:-))) ( like at a real second hand shop!;-))

We were also really honest with each other and helped each other with our choices. Becouse it was such a succesfull party I will organize it again very soon.

I highly recommend trying something like this with your friends. It’s really fun and exciting but also environment and budget friendly.

Let me know what you thing about ” shopping”  like that.

P.S. The last 9 photos are of the things I chose for myself. I’m very happy with them and already using them a lot!!!!



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