Few times per year I order few cosmetic items from Yves Rocher, very well known French brand. Some of their things I like very much. This time I really had to buy few things becouse almost everything was finished at the same time…

First of all I wanted to try these two biological cosmetics that have an Eco Cert certificate, 99 % natural ingredients and no parabens, mineral oil or colorant. I used to had this cleansing milk with honey and muesli and I liked it. Now I alo wanted to try out the day cream.


I ordered also a lib balm, orange and almonds flavoured. I like to have many lip balms around the house, in my purse, in my jacket… I’ve got also an eye make up remover as I didn’t have any at all. I’ve got 3 samples that I’m going to try out and as a gift from Yves Rocher I’ve got my favourite mascara : Sexy Pulp ultra-volume mascara. I had it already twice, now I’m using the 3rd one and this will be my 4th. I honestly think this is the best mascara I had in years! It’s unbelievable!


Sexy Pulp mascara in the original black packaging and in the special edition pink one.


I also needed some hair products so I ordered again the same set of Nutri-Repair treatment Shampoo and Conditioner. They are silicone, colorant and paraben free and made for very dry or frizzy hair. I liked it last time I had them so I reordered them.


If you like this brand and have tried some awesome products, please let us know.

Greetings and have a wonderful day!



2 thoughts on “YVES ROCHER COSMETIC HAUL # 1

  1. Ja też bardzo lubię Yves Rocher, aktualnie jestem zakochana w rozświetlającym balsamie limitowanej edycji Jabłko w karmelu, pachnie obłędnie! 🙂 Żel pod prysznic z granatem też mnie jeszcze nie zawiódł 🙂 Tusz sexy pulp dostałam jako prezent w sklepie w lutym i byłam z niego bardzo zadowolona 🙂


    1. Jablko-karmel powiadasz…. Brzmi cudownie! Ciesze sie, ze ten tusz do rzes tez Ci sie sprawdzil! Moja kuzynka tez jest nim zachwycona! Pozdrawiamy serdecznie!!!


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