You would be amazed what you can achieve in few minutes when it comes to organizing / decluttering of a space. Few days ago I spent about 30 minutes doing just that with our cupboard. I love organizing and decluttering things! But it doesn’t mean that it always stays that way. So again it was time to reorganize.



First I put everything out and spreaded it out on a blanket.

Then I cleaned out the shelves.



During the process I found many things that didn’t belong there so I put them aside to bring them to their destined places.


And of course there were many things to trash…


And that’s the final result! I’m very glad with it. It’s not perfect but it will do. Now there are things there  that I need on the regular basis, like some of my projects, photo albums that I’m working on, family binder, manuals and guaranties binders, wrapping papers and gift bags, chargers, our sons piggybank ( no, that’s not real money you see on the photo – I wish! – it’s just printed for fun 🙂 ), ect.



What I like about organizing / decluttering of a space is the process itself and the feeling you get afterwards! You feel SO MUCH BETTER, lighter and accomplished. It’s really uplifting!


Do you like to organize and declutter?

If so, what do you like best?

Greetings, LINDA


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