On Thursday 29 of October I saw the play “Hamlet” with Benedict Cumberbatch. And It Was Amazing. But let me start from the beginning…

Being “Sherlock” BBC fans, we knew a little about what BC is doing apart from starring in this show. So we knew he’s playing Hamlet right now. And we knew that it’s broadcasted to the cinemas worldwide. We just didn’t thought about checking if it would be showed in the Nederlands…. So few days before it would be showed here I accidently came accross the information that “Hamlet” by W.Shakespeare ( like you didn’t know it 😉 ) with Benedict Cumberbatch will be broadcasted in few cinemas in the Nederlands on 29.10.2015! I couldn’t believe my eyes. So I checked if they still had tickets for the play in Eindhoven and the next day I bought my ticket. Unfortunately Gosia couldn’t come with me because she already planned a short vacation in Poland with her family…. That was really dissapointing… Nethertheless I was going to enjoy my free evening in Eindhoven ! ( without the children and with the blessing from my husband who stayed home with them 🙂 )


In the days before the play I had little time to prepare myself. I read ” Hamlet ” few years ago. Of course I remembered few highlights of the play ( such as : almost everyone dies at the end… ) but I wanted to have it fresh in my memory. Luckily I have few of Shakespeare’s plays home so I could start reading immediately. And good that I did  because it really was needed afterwards….

The play is written 400 years ago so the language is also from 400 years ago… Which means that you can’t follow it to the perfection if English is not your 1st language ( mine is Polish and then almost equally Dutch and English )… That’s why I’m so happy I read almost the whole play before I saw it that day. Otherwise I would miss a lot.

I’m not a frequent theatre visiter, to be honest it was years ago that I went to see a play ( btw it was also a play by W.Shakespeare 😉 ), but together with Gosia we decided that it’s time to do some culture stuff and just enjoy that kind of ” not nessesary but oh so enjoyable ” entertainment. And we did ( me here, her in Poland ).

I’m certainly not an expert so I won’t entertain you with sophisticated descriptions of the play and wonderful acting of the actors. I will however say  ( write 😉 ) that it was amazing.  I noticed that few scenes from the play were missing but they were not necessary for the plot. I liked the scenery and the music. I loved how the actors made the funny bits really stand out and lighten the mood for a while. I liked how they played. I liked ” crazy ” Ophelia even better than the normal one played by Sian Brooke. I liked how Ciaran Hinds played Claudius and Jim Norton Polonius. I wasn’t convinced about this version of Horatio played by Leo Bill. But altogether the actors were really impressing. But …. who do you think stole the show? Hmmm… Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch himself. I must say that my appreciation for this man’s acting skills increased tenfolds after watching this play. I saw fim in series, I saw him in films. Before watching “Sherlock” BBC for the 1st time in 2014 I saw him in few films. But now I saw him on stage and that was beautiful, amazing, special. He really is a very good actor. You could really believe every word and emotion he was showing…

Afrewards I couldn’t think of anything  else except this play and the way Benedict Cumberbatch played Hamlet… I hope that maybe one day I will see him in another play again. Because that was amazing.

Let me know if you like Shakespeare’s plays and if so, which ones?

Did you see ” Hamlet ” with BC ? Did you like it?

Greetings, LINDA.

P.S Below are some photos of my favourite quotes from the play ( in Polish ).



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