Last month I wrote a post about my Yves Rocher cosmetic haul. I assumed that I ordered everything that I needed at the time… About one week later I discovered that my shampoo, hair conditioner and shower gel are quickly neering their end… Fortunately I’ve got a very goed deal from Yves Rocher so I put my order ( middle December ). As a gift I’ve got free samples and a face cream.

After being 1 year on a plant based diet I decided that now I want to take it one step further and starting from January 2016 I won’t be buying any cosmetics tested on animals. Unfortunately it means that I won’t be buying from Yves Richer anymore as I found the information that their cosmetics are tested on animals…. This was my last order from Yves Rocher.

The things I’ve got

1.Culture BIO shower gel with the ECO CERT certificate x 2

2.Bouncy Curls treatment shampoo ( silicone, paraben, colorant free )

3.Bouncy Curls conditioner ( silicone, paraben, colorant free )

4.Ultra nourishing hand cream with organic arnica ( paraben free )

5.Serum Vegetal anti wrinkels day cream ( gratis )

6.Pure Light: light & luminous foundation ( 7 ml sample ; gratis )

7.Neroli eau de prfum ( 5 ml sample; gratis )

8.Cherry Bloom shower gel ( 50 ml sample; gratis )

Let me know what cosmetics do you like to order on line?

What do you think about animal testing?

Greetings, LINDA


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