Last Sunday I organized  “The Second Hand Party” at our home again. Four of my friends came and we had a blast! We started with lunch and nice conversations and then I served coffie/tea with all the delicious ( mostly ) vegan sweets. And then the REAL party started! 😉

Everyone brought some nice things for others to choose from and we had so much fun. I chose few great items for myself. I’m especially fond of the black Zara skirt and 2 new pairs of jeans. That’s what I was looking for. Other ladies could also choose some nice clothing, books and dvd’s. Everyone went home very happy indeed!

Sorry for not making enough photo’s. We were all so excited and had so much fun that I simply forgot to make more photos.

On the photos below you can see what we ate, the amount of stuff that was left for the next Second Hand Party and also the things I chose for myself.

I highly recommend this sort of parties especially if you and your friends are on a budget ( like myself ). It’s a great possibility to shop your friends closet for free, share and also help each other to choose what suit you best. And most of all to have a lot of fun!!!!

Did you ever try something like this? If so, how did you like it?

Greetings, LINDA.


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