Few days ago we were visiting our family and I’ve got few books from my husband’s sister in law. I’m very happy with them. Of course now I have to find the time to read them 😉

I’ve got 8 books: 2 thrillers, 2 dramas and 4 books for children / youth.

The titles

Barbara Voors “Zusje van me”

Tessa de Loo “De Tweeling”

Nicci French “Verloren”

Nicci French “De Bewoonde Wereld”

Thea Beckman “Saartje Tadema”

Thea Beckman “Wij Zijn Wegwerpkinderen”

Wil Veining “Een Meisje In De Oorlogwinter”

Hartman  “Morgen Ben Ik Beter”

Do you like receiving books from others or do you prefer to buy them new?

What was the last book you read?

Let me know.

Greetings, Linda


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