This post is about some great vegan cosmetics I’ve got as a gift from my mother. She asked what I wanted to get from Germany, where she was visiting, and I said : vegan cosmetics from Alterra or Alverde ( both great brands ). I’m glad to say that I’m very pleased with what I’ve got. Those cosmetics are really good quality and very affordable. As I’ve got them at the end of 2015, I already used some of them completely. And I liked them.

What I’ve got:

Hipp Body Oil – a wonderful oil for babies and ( grown ups :- ) that I’m using already a few years – I simply LOVE this product!

Feet balm with BIO avocado, BIO lemon and BIO shea butter

Anti pimple gel with hamamelis and lotus leaf

Cleansing milk with BIO evening primrose oil and BIO apricot kernel oil –  I liked it very much.

Night cream with BIO grapes and BIO white tea

Day cream with BIO aloe vera and glacier water from the Black Alps – this product was simply wonderful, very rich but not oily ( I hope to buy it again in the future ).

Unfortunately this brand is not available in the Netherlands but it is in Germany and Poland so I’m planning to buy some of their products when I’ll be visiting my family there.

Do you know this brand? What product do you like best? Do you have any other vegan cosmetics brand you would like to recommend us?

Greetings, LINDA



    1. Please do! I use it for myself and my children about 3-4 years now! Hands down, the best body oil ever. And the prize is good too, 2,5 euro in Germany, about 4 euro in Poland.
      Greetings and thank you very much for visiting us:-)

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