If you have a man who likes to shop with you than you are lucky. If he likes to shop with you for you then you are even luckier. My man doesn’t mind shopping with me but we both know that it goes smoothier if we shop only for him 🙂 I like to take my sweet time when I shop for myself. My husband, as most of men, likes to be efficient and quickly achive his goal. I like to help him and he’s grateful. I must admit I like it also because then I can influance him a bit… 🙂 And he lets me to an extend 🙂

Few months ago we went shopping for him because he really needed a new suit, some shirts for work and some shoes. We bought everything on sale and within our budget. The suit and shirts are from Zara ( he loves them all and wears them a lot! ) and the underwear and shawl from H&M. The shoes we bought at Manfield and some other sport shoes store.

And we were efficient and quite quick. And even had time for something delicious at La Place 🙂

So, tell me, do you like shopping with your man?

Does HE likes to shop with you? 😉

Greetings, LINDA


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