This post is about how I prepare a party  for my kids on a budget. Plus a bit about the food. This time the party was for our 5 year old son – M.:-)

First of all I must say that when I prepare a party for my children I like to keep it very simple and I do everything I can to enjoy it myself 🙂

This is what I do:

1.I don’t spend a lot of money because kids at young age don’t care about special theme or fancy decorations. They just want to have fun with their friends. We feel that having friends over is great enough on its own so we don’t overdo it . We do have some decorations and we make kids excited about a party but that’s about it. Our kids love simple things and enjoy them as if they were the most expensive stuff 🙂

2.I always invite the mothers so WE can have our fun too! 😉

3.I don’t prepare any special activities and let all the children simply play themselves the way they like ( of course within resonable measures 😉 ) – yes, I’m that lazy….sorry, kids!

4.I always ask all the mothers to bring something to eat for us and the kids. They all are my friends so it’s never a problem. When I visit their parties I ask if I can bring something too. It’s easier and cheaper to make 1 or 2 dishes than  7 – 10! And you can try different tastes and recipies.

This time I made vegan chockolate cheesecake ( recipe here : CHOCOLATE-TOFU CHEESECAKE / TOFURNIK CZEKOLADOWY/ VEGAN ) and prepared some fruit and cherry tomatoes. My friends made some vegan, vegetarian or classic dishes. I was very grateful! All the mothers and the children had a feast! It was all so delicious!

Kids could play inside or in the garden as the weather was great so they were not bored and enjoyed themselves:-)

And how do you like to organize parties for your kids?

Do you enjoy them as wel?

Let me know, greetings, Linda:-)


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