Last time I wrote a post about how I organize parties on a budget for my kids. Today I just want to quickly show you what our son and daugher have got from all the guests. What’s nice is that Misiak didn’t expect any presents ( our girl is too young to expect anything, she just goes with the flow 🙂 ), but he got them anyway. He can be very excited about a new drawing block so it’s easy to please him. This time he’s got some really beautiful gifts. He immediately fell in love with his 1st LEGO set from aunt Marieke and Fayah. Now he’s a real LEGO lover and I’m glad about it. Our daughter also has got beautiful gifts : Play-Doh set and Frozen puzzels ( she’s too young for it now, of course ). She really likes to play with this set now 🙂 Of course I have to help her a bit.

I’m very grateful that all our friends thought about bringing something. And I’m pleased that we all had such a nice time with all the fun, laughter and food. And children loved it, what counts the most:-)

When it comes to presents, they don’t have to be expensive and very special. If you’ve raised your children properly they will be happy about almost everything because they are not spoiled.  They will enjoy a more expensive LEGO set but also a simple drawing book. They will be happy to simply get a gift. And that is a gift of it’s own:-)

Let me know what do you think about it? What kind of gifts does your child like the best?

Greetings, LINDA


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