Not so long ago I gave this 2 item gift to my dearest cousin Justyna. We know and love each other for 33 years now and often give ourselves something nice. This time I gave her my own CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE 98 COROMANDEL lipstick as I finally admitted to myself that this shade of red doesn’t suit me… But it looks great on Justyna. The second item I gave her was a belt I once bought at H&M and of couse never used it. Now that I know it’s not my colour aswel I gave it to my cousin with pleasure. She was very happy with my gift as she loves belts and always admired this lipstick 🙂

My massage again is this : sometimes you don’t even have to spend a lot of money ( or any money at all 🙂 ) to give someone something nice. Just look what you have and don’t use and consider your relationship with and the personal taste of the person you want to give your gift to. Of course you can’t do that every time but sometimes you can, like I could in this case 🙂

Give me your thoughts! 😉

Greetings, LINDA


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