In February ( yes, that long ago… ) I needed some new cosmetics again. So I bought some great ones at G&W Whole Foods store. They are from two vegan brands : It’s Aloe and Rio Rosa Mosqueta.

What I bought:

1.Rio Rosa Mosqueta cleansing milk. A wonderful product, very rich and thick and with a beautiful scent.

2.It’s Aloe cleansing milk with african aloe. A nice, light milk with a pleasant scent. It does what it has to do 🙂

3.It’s Aloe toner with african aloe. The same scent, nice product.

4.It’s Aloe revitalizing facemask with african aloe. A very nice and light mask.

Because it’s already July I used up 3 of those products already. But I will write more about them in my ” Used up products ” post in the future. Right now I can say that I’m pleased with my purchase 🙂

Do you know those vegan cosmetic brands? Do you have your favourite vegan cosmetics?

Let us know. Greetings, LINDA


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