This is a quick post about our last Ikea haul. As it was already months ago I can write not only about what we bought but also about how we like it.
Because we live on a budget we really have to stick to our TO BUY LIST. That’s what we did this time also. One exception was the plastic container we bought for our children and it’s proven to be the best thing ever ( so sometimes it’s good to go beyond your list. …but only sometimes ).
I really needed some new kitchen utensils, a new pan, a new oven dish. The ones we bought were a good choice and I use them almost everyday. I decided to by some quality pencils and makers for our kids. And I must say: the ones we picked are great! Beautiful colours and lots of pigment. And of course I couldn’t leave without the thick smoothie straws. They are really a must have at our home.
The plastic container I mentioned before is now our kids’ pencil kit. It has several different units where we keep their pencils, markers and other small objects they need. They use it almost everyday.

It’s nice when the things you buy are really useful and worth the money you spent. It’s especially importent when you’re living on a budget like we do.

If you like share your best buys from Ikea and your tips with us.
Greetings, Linda.


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