Do you like getting presents? I do! Every time we visit our family in Poland we have gifts for everyone. And of course we also get a lot of presents ourselves. This year we were in Poland twice, in May and in August. And we’ve got some great stuff from our family and friends. It’s so nice that they think about us and our kids every single time. The kids received so many toys and other things that I would have to make a separate post about it.
What do you consider a good gift? For me it has to fit in at least one of the following categories : 1. It is beautiful; 2. It is practical and useful for me and my family ; 3. It has a sentimental value. And I don’t think that it has to be expensive. I get a lot of second hand things and I love them! It’s great that the gifts you’ll see on the photos fit in at least one of those categories.
We’ve got some healthy foods, which is really practical and we still enjoy them. We’ve got a water purifier that I use every single day for our water and also fruits and veggies. I’ve got many Avon cosmetics from my cousin who is selling them ( and I share them with my other cousin when I came back to the Netherlands ). I’ve got 2 old books , inclusive ” Sherlock Homes” , which I read when I was a child! I’m so happy about it! And there were some other things we liked too.
As you can see I like gifts that I really can use and enjoy. They don’t have to be expensive and fancy. As long as they are given with pleasure.
How about you? What do you consider a nice gift? Let us know.
Greetings, Linda.


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