At the beginning of this year I came across some information about 4 season colour typology which you can use for your make up and clothes. Of course I’ve heard about this concept years ago but I’ve never really paid any attention to it as it is quite complicated. Additionally I’m someone who really doesn’t like to be told ” you have to wear this” or ” you can’t wear that” . I always liked to wear what I found beautiful. But we do change and it happened to me too😊😉. So I thought I’ll give this 4 season  colour pallete a try. I discovered that I’m a winter type and I love it. I watched a lot of You Tube videos and read many articles on the Internet about this subject. It’s difficult for me to recognise which beauty type someone else is except for the winter type😂😉.

Of course you don’t have to accept those 4 season colour palette rules.  There are many who don’t agree with them. The best we can do is try things out and see what works for us.

I know that I’m the winter type becouse I look great in black. Beige is the worst colour for me – I look like a corpse😂.  Silver jewellery is my favourite,  gold is really not for me. And I finally know which red lipsticks I can wear – something I never knew before!

On the photos below you can see the examples of colours in make up that are good for my type of beauty – winter.

There are also fabric samples with the best colours for me.

I must admit that my life became much easier since I’m following those “rules”. Sometimes I make an exception but mostly I stick to those guidelines.

How about you?  Do you like the 4 season colour palette?  If so,  which season type are you?  Let us know.

Greetings,  Linda



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