Last April me and my husband celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary. ( Actually we celebrated it in Poland in August because that’s when we had our vacation😂😉. ) We’ve got some very nice gifts from our dear ones who remembered our special day 💗💗

We really liked this gift from our family as it suits our taste very well. The film is one of my favourites,  the little board with a quote hangs in the toilet (😂), the little tray serves as my make up container  ( and doing a marvellous job! 😆 ). I liked the hand made photo album very much but it’s not practical for us. So I decided to give it to someone who will appreciate it even more – my mother😉 ( recycling 😂 ).

What a wonderful present! But what made it even more special was the fact that it was given with love💞 As I always say : a good gift doesn’t have to be expensive as long it is given with intention and affection.

What do you consider a good gift?  What do you like to give to your dear ones for their Special Days?  Let us know.

Greetings,  Linda.


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