This post is about my cleansing milks, vegan or not tested on animals empties.  I used those products in the last few months and I even had multiple ones of one of them.

I rate those cosmetics on a 1 to 6 scale,  where 1 is the lowest and 6 is the highest grade.

1. Jacob HOOY cleansing milk : grade 4. Decent but not special product.  Nice,  subtle scent, watery consistency. Not tested on animals. Price: around 7 €.

2. Etos cleansing milk : grade 4+. Nice product,  hypoallergenic,  no parfum,  no dyes, no preservatives. No animal testing. Price: 4€.

3.  It’s Aloe cleansing milk: grade 4. Good product. The scent can be overpowering for some people. Vegan, with Aloe Vera , good composition. Price: around 7 €.

4. Alterra cleansing milk: grade 5+. Great product,  nice scent, it does what it should be doing. Nice consistency.  Vegan. Great composition.  Great price : around 2,10€.

5. Rio Rosa Mosqueta cleansing milk : grade 6+. Fantastic product!!! Very creamy and rich consistency.  Great composition. Vegan,  natural and organic. Simply magnificent cosmetic! Price: 10€.

The last 2 products on this list are my favourites. I use the Alterra cleansing milk most frequently as it is a great product with a small price .  I wish I could use the Rio Rosa Mosqueta more often but it’s not in my budget right now.

If you have any favourite vegan brands and specific products please let us know.

Greetings, Linda 😊



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