Some time ago I decided to completely clean,  declutter and organise our kitchen. I knew it wouldn’t be possible with 2 kids around so I made some arrangements with my aunt to babysit our 2 year old. Our 5 year old was then at school. And so I had about 5 hours to complete the task!  I’m very grateful to my family for helping me out😊

First I started with putting everything out of the kitchen and into the living room. Although I declutter the kitchen regularly I still was amazed ( and a little bit scared😂😉😨 ) at the sign of all of our stuff. … It was a lot!

Take a look yourselves:

And that’s how our simple rental house kitchen looked like without all those things. …

The next few hours I cleaned and organised all of the cabinets.  They were pretty organised before but needed some refreshing.

That’s the final result in the cabinets 😊. I’m pleased with it.

And here are all the things I donated or threw away. It is quite a few don’t you think? 😊

And here the complete AFTER result. We rent this house so we have a simple,  rather small kitchen. But it serves our  needs voor now. Maybe in the future we can make some improvements😊

So what do you think?  😆 When was the last time you had a chance for some decluttering/ organizing project?  Let us know what was it.

Greetings,  Linda.



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