At the end of September I came across an interesting challenge that I found on You Tube. It was ” 30 Days of Minimalism Challenge “, where everyday you get rid of your things.  The 1st day you only have to find one,  the 2nd only two,  the 3rd three and so on. After 30 Days you should have minimally 365 things to get rid of. I thought that’s great idea as I find some parts of minimalism very appealing. Of course I declutter regularly,  I buy responsibly and only the things that I need ( with an occasional misstep😉😆 ). But I’m not a minimalist. Still I’m not saying I never will. If I learned something in the last 2 years,  then it was to ” NEVER SAY NEVER”. I used to loved meat and all animal product. But now I don’t eat it for almost 2 years and I don’t think I ever will again. So,  yes we people do change,  if we want to😊. And so I’m not saying NEVER to minimalism. I’m just saying NOT YET.

So I started this challenge on 1 October and already after  3 days I collected more than 300 things! !! Then I thought : what a challenge is that if I’m almost ready?  Let’s make it a bit more difficult by adding 30 more days to the challenge. That means I’ll have to get rid of. …1830 things! 😨😵😲 The question is: can I do it?  Well,  I’ve given myself 60 days. We’ll find out at the end of November.  Because I’m quite busy as a homemaker and mom of two I’m not literally in search of stuff to get rid of every single day. When I have a moment to declutter I do it,  then I count what I’ve found and devide it in 3 categories: 1. To sell,  2. To throw away,  3. To donate.  Up ’till now 3 bags went to our local Goodwill shop 😊👍

I’m excited about this journey. Every few days I discover new things to give away. And often I’m asking myself: why do I still have this? ?? What was I thinking?  How come I didn’t get rid of this last time when decluttering?

I’ll keep you posted about my progress on our Facebook page.

Let me know what do you think about such a challenge?  Do you think you can need one?

Greetings,  Linda 😊

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