In this post I will show you all the things I bought for myself in 1 year , except clothes. I didn’t buy many clothes ether and I showed them in another post.

This random things haul contains things I bought starting from autumn 2015 till now – autumn 2016.

Since I’m on this journey of buying only the things I need,  I don’t buy a lot anymore. From all the things you’ll see on the photos below I don’t use only one – the orange notebook ( but I have a use for it in my mind when my actual notebook is full ). I regret buying 2 things : black high heals ( they are beautiful but very uncomfortable so I wear them only for short meetings ) and those silicone shoe cushions ( as they are pretty useless for me ). I didn’t have to buy the earrings or the cards and magnets but I don’t regret it as I’m using them from time to time. I’m getting a lot of use of my FILA snickers and am really pleased with them 😆😀.  I also needed to buy new protecting filter for my Nikon 😉. I like this Hema lipstick ( unfortunately our 2 year old broke it a bit😧 ). I’m using the travel pillow when we ride long distances ( although I hoped it will be better ). I’m very glad with my dumbells set and use it frequently. But most of all I LOVE my Paperchase 2016 Agenda with full page for every day ( also Saturdays and Sundays ) . This was hands down the best buy of the last year! I’m hoping to buy the same Agenda for 2017 even if the price is a bit high for me ( 25€ full price,  I paid 17,5€ ). This is exactly what I needed because  from 2016 I combine Agenda with Diary in one ( before  I had 2 separate Agendas for those 2 purposes ).

So that’s all my purchases from 1 year shopping.  Of course there were few things we bought for our house or clothes for us and our children and some presents for the family and friends.  But still it is much less than in previous years and I’m glad with it!😆😊

Let me know what you thing about buying only what we need.

Greetings,  Linda 😊


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