I’m a collector by nature. That’s my problem. 😂 That’s why I have A LOT of stuff. But I’m not a hoarder ( luckily ). I declutter frequently, organise what I own and learn to have less things. It’s a process. It’s a journey. I’m not rushing myself but I also want to see progress and results.

Some time ago I decided to declutter our CD’s and DVD’s. It was before my 60 days off Minimalizm Challenge ( so I can’t count those things to my 1830 things to get rid of 😢😯 ) . I wrote a post about it : https://notsodesperatehousewives.wordpress.com/2016/10/17/minimalism-challenge-30-days-going-60/

We keep our CD’S , DVD’S and books on the attic.  We have a small but cozy room there. It’s our spare bedroom / guest bedroom / study & work room.   One wall is all in shelves. That’s where all my stuff is. …😜😲😉😆.

Those are the BEFORE photos:

I’ve put everything aside and started decluttering.

Here are some of the CD’S I’ve got rid of. Most of them I gave to my parents. There was nothing wrong with this music. I just wasn’t listening to it.


The AFTER result.  You can see some free space where it wasn’t there before. I didn’t count all the things I declluttered so I don’t know the amount . But I think it was about 30 CD’S. 😃😆

I’m glad I did it. I think I will do it again and this time I may be much more merciless😂

What do you think about decluttering your CD’S? Would it be difficult?  Let us know.

Greetings, Linda 😊



  1. I think I would find it tough to do but I do need to do it. If a table radio\stereo, high end came along with a hard drive for say 300 CD’s, I’d transfer them and keep a much smaller collection. I do like the tactile sense of holding the cd and reading the liner notes.

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    1. Yes, I know it’s not easy. I still have much to many cd’s. But it’s a start. Success on your journey. Greetings.


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