Around the same time as I decluttered my CD’s, I did the same with my DVD’s. I say  “mine” because I’m the collector / freak here😂😉.  My husband has almost nothing in music and films, depending entirely on You Tube and Netflix ( smart guy, isn’t he? 😆 ).

So when I decluttered my home with the Kon Mari Method I also did the same with CD’s and DVD’s. I had around 300 DVD’s that I was collecting for the last 12-13 years. Some of them spark a lot of joy to me and I watch them now and then. But there were many that I never even saw!  I bought them cheap new or second hand and thought ” I will watch  it sometime” and that”sometime” never came. And every time I saw those films I felt guilty. What a stupid thing to feel about a film!  And yet that’s what I felt. So I decided to get rid of everything I didn’t like,  everything that didn’t spark joy  to me,  even if those were DVD’s I’ve never watched. I purged about 80 DVD’s!!!!! Later I organised a Second Hand Party at our house and gave everything to my girlfriends. What they didn’t like went to our local Goodwill. And films in Polish went to Poland😊.

On the photos below you can see all my DVD’s BEFORE decluttering.

What I’ve got rid of:

When I was finished I had so much more room for the remaining DVD’s! I could arrange them the way I liked more easily and now we can find what we like on a spot. But most of all I don’t feel guilty when I look at my collection. I must admit there are still some films there that I didn’t see. But I’ve heard they are very good so I want to watch it in the future. But if I’ll feel guilty about any films again, I’m getting rid of them too!

Here the AFTER result:

Of course it’s still a lot but for now I’m pleased with the result. Most likely I will declutter my collection again in the future😊😆

I highly recommend the Kon Mari Method to declutter your home. We used it with all our wardrobes, and later with many parts of our home.  ( You can read more about it here: https://notsodesperatehousewives.wordpress.com/2015/12/28/kon-mari-method-decluttering-clothes-porzadkowanie-ubran-metoda-kon-mari/   or here : https://notsodesperatehousewives.wordpress.com/2016/03/25/decluttering-boys-closet-with-kon-mari-method-porzadki-w-ubraniach-chlopiecych-metoda-kon-mari/ ) And also with music and films.

Let me know if you ever used this method to declutter and if it worked for you.

Greetings , Linda 😊


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