Few weeks ago I decided it was time for a closet clean up and seasonal wardrobe change. The summer is definitely gone and the autumn is here in all its glory for weeks now . I decided that decluttering my closet with the Kon Mari Method was again a good idea. Some clothes and other things I loved very much and they served me well for years. And although they withstood my last few decluttering sessions now was really the time to say goodbye . And so we did😂😉. And I really needed my warm clothes again!😂😉😆

This is the BEFORE:

And here are all the things I’ve got rid of! Finally I decluttered my panties and underwear too – I’ve got too much of it. I also purged some nice purses. I still like them but just NEVER wear them. Someone else is going to enjoy them ( this cream one is for my mother who was having it on our wedding 😊 ). I purged about 25 – 30 items in total.

This is the AFTER:

Almost all the clothes are in my colour palette which is winter . I may  make some more changes in my wardrobe very soon because I’m organizing a SECOND HAND PARTY . And that always means new arrivals in my closet. But for now that’s my winter wardrobe .


I don’t have any special shoe stand so I keep my high heals and summer shoes in the boxes in my closet. The same with my bags. The shoes and bags that I’m wearing at the moment are downstairs in our hall closet.

In the boxes above my closet I have all my summer clothes now ( that’s where the winter clothes were ). One of the boxes contains some sentimental things.

That’s all my clothes now except for the coats ( which I still have too many 😮😦 ).

I loved this little decluttering  / organizing project! And again the Kon Mari Method helped me to define which things don’t spark joy for me anymore . I really recommend this method! You can read more about me using it in my other posts from the KON MARI SERIES.

Let me know how do you like to declutter your closet. What is easy and what are the challenges ?

Greetings ,  Linda 😊


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