Isn’t it nice when your friends and family take your food choices seriously?  I think it is. Sometimes I read about people who went vegan and struggle with disapproval and mockery of their dear ones. It’s so sad. .. I’m very lucky in that area. It’s almost 2 years that me and our daughter eat plantbased. But I never met with open hostility or was a laughing stock because of it when being with my family and friends. Some have questions,  some have their opinions,  some may worry if they don’t know all that facts.  But they leave it at that and respect my decision .  And I’m glad about it.

It’s so nice to see that people who are not vegans make some vegan options when they invite us!

That was also the case when we visited my 2 aunts for coffie some time ago. They not only made a delicious vegan cake🍰 ( which was also healthy! ) and vegan dessert🍨 !  There were nuts and lots of fruit. And of course delicious coffie to start with! ☕ And most of all there was a lot of laughter,  nice conversations and love💗.

I love to eat. And I do it with a lot of pleasure. And since I eat plants only my appreciation for tastes only increased. But what also increased is my appreciation and gratitude towards those who respect my choices and make a little more effort to prepare something vegan. I don’t demand or expect it. But when it happens I’m very grateful.

Yes,  I’m grateful and blessed.

Let me know if you have some nice experiences in that area.

How do you react when someone eats differently than you?

Greetings,  Linda 😊










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