Few months ago we decided to support our neighbour congregation where the need for more elders was great. So after spending 10 years in our local congregation we moved to this other one where we serve since last June. We are very happy with this decision as it allows us to help without the need to move to different town or change the school for our kids.

What we didn’t expect was the super warm farewell party that the brothers and sisters from our “old” congregation gave us after our last meeting there!  That was so lovely and warm and even emotional😊😆😢

The brothers and sisters from our and from the Polish congregation prepared all kinds of food for us and about 100 persons! Lots of the food was self made. What was especially sweet for me were the 6 wholly Vegan snacks and sweets that my friends made for me and our daughter  !  How nice and special is that! !!

We are already few months serving in our new congregation and loving it!  But we loved our previous one very much as well. Now we simply have more friends😉😆😊!  And wherever we are invited there  is always some delicious vegan food for us girls,  a lot of laughter and a lot of upbuilding conversation😊🌱🍎📖. What could we want more? 😂😉😆

The buffet on our Surprise Party:

The Vegan dishes:

Sorry for the quality of the photos. It was in the evening and of course. … I didn’t expect to be needing a photo camera!

Do you like surprise parties ( to receive or to organise 😂😉 )? Let me know.

Greetings, Linda 😊



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