Two months ago I decided to do a Minimalism Challenge for 30 Days.  During that time I was suppose to get rid of minimal 465 items from our home. It works like this: the 1st day you get rid of 1 item,  the 2nd day 2 items,  the 3rd day 3 items,  and so on. … Pretty soon I discovered that that would be too easy because  our house is still full of stuff ( although it’s much better now than it was few years ago😊 ). So I’ve changed this challenge for 60 Days of Minimalism Challenge. That meant getting rid of 1830 items! !! A whole different story,  don’t you think? 😉😂

For 2 months I searched for things we don’t need or use anymore. And although I do it frequently I never did it on such a scale. There still is a lot of work to do in the future but for now I’m done.

Did I succeed?  YES!  I’m proud to write that I’ve got rid of 1898 items!  Some were donated to the second hand shop,  some I gave to our friends and family,  some I’ve threw away and some I could sell. There were some surprises along the way too . Who would think that we still have the car key from the car we had. …4 years ago? 😂😂😉😉 I decluttered my wardrobe,  our children’s wardrobes,  their toys,  my make up,  jewellery,  cosmetics,  accessories,  shoes. I’ve got rid of old receipts, manuals, paperwork,  hobby items,  dvd’s ,  cd’s , books ,  magazines,  kitchen items and much more.

On the photos below you can see a lot of things that left our house but there was still much more😊.

I’m very happy I did this Challenge. I’m still not done though. But I need more time to say goodbye to some things. So for now this is good😊. I think I may do similar challenge next year.

I feel much better now. I have less stuff and I’m more at peace in my mind. That was what I wanted. 💗👍😀

Did you ever did something like this Minimalism Challenge ?  How did you feel afterwards?  Let me know!😆

Greetings,  Linda 😊


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