You know this feeling when your fingers itch because they want to do some decluttering but you just don’t have time for it right now? Well, I know it too well😂😉. What can you do? I recommend simple and quick purging projects. They ate highly effective and don’t take much time. I did one of those not long ago. It was a quick decluttering of our small desk drawer. I was looking for things to get rid of during my 60 days Minimalism Challenge. So cleaning out this drawer was a good idea.

First I put everything out and sorted it out. Things we don’t use went to the Goodwill in our area. And there was a lot of garbage too. After sorting everything out I cleaned the drawer. Then I put back the simple containers I used previously and divided all the stuff accordingly. It was easy because I had a working system before. Now I simply had less stuff😁😉. It took me about 10 minutes.

Before: putting everything out, sorting  it out and deciding what stays and what leaves.

After: the final result. Everything has its own place. It’s simple but it’s working. The things we don’t use frequently are at the back of the drawer.

How do you like it?

Greetings, Linda 😄😚





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