Recently I posted a post about a surprise party that was organised for us by our previous congregation. It was a wonderful surprise and we were touched 😊💜.

What added to the beauty of the day were the cards and presents from few friends. They wished us many blessings in our new assignment.

My hubbie has got a nice gift from one of the brothers. One sister made delicious raw vegan energy balls for us ( yummy!!! ).

And my two girlfriends Laetitia and Julie gave me something special: a whole box full of delicious vegan foods!!! Laetitia started eating vegan 1 month after I did ( almost 2 years ago ) and since then we are Vegan Buddies😂. But to our mutual delight her younger sister Julie started her vegan journey last summer! And she was a big meat eater and quite an opposer and ridiculer of the veganism at first. So people can change when we treat them with love and respect and give them time💜😊

On the photos below you can see all the wonderful, delicious food my friends gave me. That was also the first time I tasted vegan cheese and I liked it very much. The sweets were wonderful ( chocolate tasted like milk chocolate 💜 ) and I enjoyed it very much. What a wonderful gift idea was that! I really appreciate it😊😙💜

As you know I love getting presents that as useful and well thought about. Those delicious treats were exactly that!😊

What do you think about receiving / giving food items as gifts? If you like the idea what would you like to get ? Let us know.

Greetings, Linda.


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