Today just a quick post about a nice present from my husband’s work. As usually in December everyone at his work gets a package full of nice things as a gift. In this post I’ll show you what we’ve got when it comes to food items.

There were many sweets and they look delicious. But only 3 things were vegan…: tea, juice and small white pastils. Pity. There were also 2 mixes for the cakes that are Vegan now but you have to add eggs later on. But that’s OK, I didn’t count on anything vegan anyway.

Some sweets will be perfect for my boys who don’t eat vegan. And the rest will be gifts for our family😊.  I decided to share anyway and I know who would like to get what plus it’s nice to do it👍💜😙

I still have some vegan sweets available and I’m baking some delicious cakes too. So I won’t be missing out too much. I will definitely eat a lot of sweet treats this month😂😂😂

Are you eating more sweets in December? If so what are your favourites? What about baking?

Let us know. Greetings, Linda 😆


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