Today I’ll write shortly about the gifts that we received from my husband’s work. This time it’s not about food but about some items for our home.

I’m glad because most of those things are actually really useful. It doesn’t mean that I necessary need them as I decluttered recently… 🤔 But I will try them out and then I’ll see how it goes.

What I really like are the mugs. They are big ( which is always good 😂☕☕☕☕☕ ) and sit nicely in your hand. I use them everyday now.  I like the baking form and used it twice already. I love the super warm blanket which comes really handy now in the winter. I used the mixing bowl twice too and the same goes for the ” mixing spatula thingy  “😂. Of course the paper napkins are always useful. What I didn’t use yet is the lamp. I really like it but still don’t know if I’ll keep it. The reindeer decoration went straight to the charity shop as we don’t celebrate Christmas. Someone else may like it.

So that’s all about the gifts from work. Most of them were useful and I’m glad that we’ve got them 😊.

Do you like getting gifts like this? What would you like to receive from this set? Let me know😊

Greetings, Linda😊


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