Last Sunday we visited our family for dinner. We had a wonderful time, tasty meal, a lot of laughter and pleasant, upbuilding conversations. The kids had a lot of fun with their Grandparents, aunts and uncle. It was simply great 🤗❤

And we also have got a nice small gift from my husband’s sister ( which was a lovely surprise – we didn’t expect it at all😊 ) and a beautiful card with warm, encouraging words inside it.

We’ve got some cosmetics, puffy shower thingy😂, stickers for our daughter and “Planes” stamps for our son😊. How nice!

It’s always nice to get a gift. But I think it’s even nicer when you don’t expect it at all 😊❤

And as you can see it doesn’t have to be expensive of sophisticated. We like useful gifts and this one you can surely call that😊

Let us know what kind of simple gifts do you like.

Greetings, Linda😊





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