I didn’t want to look at similar posts about this topic before writing my own. It doesn’t mean that I will share something very wise and unique 😂😉 but I will share my thoughts on the subject.

I think those New Year’s Resolutions can work very good but it depends on a person. For some people it’s a great idea. Such fresh start gives them energy and purpose. For others it’s great for a while… and then they forget they even made such a list.

I’m somewhere in the middle😂😉

In the past I never did my New Year’s Resolutions. But the last few years I did. I thought about them, I meditated and I wrote them down.

But at the end of 2016 I looked at my lists from 2015 and 2016 and I didn’t like what I saw. More than that: I felt sad and down and irritated.  Why? About 50% of my goals went unfulfilled. And I wondered why. Well, 1.there were to many of them; 2.some were not realistic at all; 3.I really didn’t have enough time; 4.I wasn’t that hardworking, that smart or that disciplined.

So because I felt discouraged I thought : this year I’m not making my New Year’s Resolutions List. I just don’t want to. Instead I came with another solution: I will write down all the things I accomplished during the year. All the things that otherwise would be on my NYR list now I will put on my Achievements List. And they don’t necessarily have to be big and special. As long as I’m happy that I accomplished them😁 Who knows? Maybe at the end of 2017 I will have a beautiful, long list with fulfilled goals and achievements. That would be nice😊

And for now I have 2 goals for this year and they are written down … in my head😂😉💜

What are your experiences with New Years Resolutions? Do they work for you? Do you stick to your goals? Let me know.

Greetings, Linda😊👍


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