Today I come with a post about my ” No-Poo Method” journey. If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry – 3 weeks ago I didn’t know ether ;-). But accidently I came across this subject on one of the You Tube channels that I’m following. I’ve got so interessted that I’ve searched for more information about it. And on 1 January 2017 I started my own journey.

What is the ” No – Poo Method ” ? Shortly : it’s a method of cleaning your hair without shampoo ( ” No-Poo” ) . It also means not using any other hair products such as conditioners, hair mousse, hair spray, masks, ect. It’s all about avoiding all the nasty chemicals that the hair products contain as they are bad for us, our hair and our health. There is also a ” Low – Poo Method” which allows using all natural cleaning products or even natural cosmetics like conditioners ( according to some ). What are some of the all natural cleaning products ? For example appel cider or baking soda.

But how can you clean yout hair with water only ? Well, you can do it perfectly well but first you have to go through the “hell” 😉 What does it mean? First you have to let your hair and the skin on your scalp get use to the fact that you no longer strip it from all the natural oils and sebum that our own skin produces. Because that’s exactly what we are doing few times a week ( some of us daily ! ) – we strip our skin of its natural oils and sebum with all the harsh chemicals that are in our hair products. Then our skin begins the vicious circle of repairing the damage by producing even more oils and sebum. But it doesn’t help for long because as quickly as we see our hair getting oily we wash it with the shampoo again. And the whole process starts again. By not washing our hair with the chemicals we let the skin on our scalp to get calm and get use to doing what it was suppose to do from the beginning : taking care of our hair and conditioning it with the oils and sebum it produces for our needs.

This whole process needs time. And how long will it take? Well, that’s difficult to say as there are many different factors. One of them is how often did you wash your hair and with what kind of products. Did you use many other hair products and heat appliances like hair dryer and so? From what I’ve heard the process of your hair getting used to the all natural cleaning method ( with water only or with some all natural products ) can take from about few weeks, about 6, to few months, mostly 3 but there were some people that had to struggle for up to 6 months…. I’m really hoping it won’t take more than 2-3 months in my case as I only washed my hair twice per week with not too harsh cosmetics ( vegan and bio ) and I didn’t use any other hair products or even a hair dryer. We’ll see…

If you want to know more about it just google it or search it on You Tube. The “No-Poo Method” is getting more and more popular among those who look for a more natural lifestyle or are looking for a healthy method to grow the hair faster. Because that’s definitely one of the reasons why I’m trying it : to grow my hair faster and healthier!

To get all the information on how to use this method properly, avoid the unnessesary mistakes and don’t get discouraged, just listen to the people who do it succesfully for years. It’s also nice to watch the videos of those who just started their journey. For me these both groups are a source of great encouregement and advise.

Photos below:

Week 1, after washing my hair with water only for the 1st time. It certainly doesn’t look great but honestly I expected it will be worse 😉


Two days after the 1st wash up – all oily. Surprise – no bad scent at all!

Week 2, on the washing day. During the second washing I used appel cider. This certainly softened my hair but later I notices that it also dried the endings of my hair a bit.

That’s all for today. I’ll keep you posted.

Let me know what do you think about all natural hair cleaning methods.

Greetings, Linda 🙂


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