I have a quick post about my newest purchases. There are only 3 here but I really like them and they make my life so much easier.

1.My new phone case for my new Samsung Galaxy s 7. I was looking for a phone case that had a big wallet compartment. Everytime I’m bringing our kids to school and then pick them up I only take my keys and my phone. I used to had to take my wallet too. Now I have everything I need in one place😀😁! I have to admit that I don’t love the design though… But I couldn’t find anything I liked more than that. Few days later I decided to buy a second phone case because I noticed that this one is really not practical for home. So I ordered one on-line ( And waited 4 weeks for it! But it was worth it 😊). So now when I’m home I quickly switch my cases so I don’t have to carry my wallet around 👍.

2.I really needed a new I Pad Mini cover. My previous one – dark pink – served me well for whole 2 years. My new one is lighter and has 5 compartments for business cards or money. I’m glad I bought it👍😊.

3.My newest journal. Well, I didn’t buy the journal self as I’ve got it as a gift from my husband ( who has got it as a gift himself 😂😉… ) . But I did buy the pen loop that is really very usefull. I love my new journal! Few days before 2017 I was introduced with the idea of ” BuJo” – Bullet Journal – and fell in love with it❤. It’s all I ever wanted . It’s journaling, planning, writing and all in between in one place. I’m still totally new at it but I use my BuJo with a lot of pleasure!

My new 3 loyal friends😂😉😊❤❤❤


Let me know what did you changed at the beginning of 2017. Do you like journaling? What kind of phone case do you find practical?

Greetings, Linda.




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