If you use make up you know how long it takes to actually use it up, especially when you have a lot of it. I used to had that problem. I was buing to much make up products because everything was sooooooo beautiful. But I hardly ever used it up, except for mascaras.

But some time ago ( 2 years?… ) I decided to buy only what I needed and first use up what I already had. Some items I gave away to my friends.

On the photos below you’ll see which cosmetics I managed to finish last year.

Disclaimer: from January 2016 I no longer buy cosmetics that are tested on animals. But I did before and decided to use them up. So in this post you’ll still read about some of those cosmetics.

As usually I will grade the products on a scale from 1 to 6, where 1 is the lowest and 6 the highest grade.

1. BellaPierre Cosmetics Mineral Foundation MF 004 Cinnamon. Great vegan product that I really liked a lot. Unfortunately too expensive for me now.  It wasn’t perfect but it was giving a bit of coverage and an all-around nice natural looking finish that I like so much. Score: 4+

2. Clinic  Almost Powder Makeup 02 Neutral Fair. I really loved this product! I’ve got it as a gift from my mum and enjoyed it a lot. It kept the shine from my t-zone for few hours. But I won’t purchase it as this brand is testing on animals and it’s a no-no to me now. Score: 5

3. Yves Rocher Pure Light & Luminous Foundation. A nice, cream like product, very watery and easy to apply. Nice finish with the second skin effect. But not with a lot of coverage and it can’t control my t-zone at all. Score: 4

4. Alverde Lipstick . Great hard lipstick that stays on your lupus for quite some time. But I wouldn’t recommend putting it on dry lips. Vegan. Score: 4

5. Catrice Calligraphy Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen in black. It takes some getting use to using this pen….I didn’t really had a lot of chance to do that as it simply broke at the end and was useless afterwards. So I won’t be giving this one a score right now…

6. Maybelline New York Colorsensational Gloss . Very good product if you like lip glosses.  I loved this shade but I’m not a lip gloss fan.  But I’ve got this one as a gift and I enjoyed it. Score: 4+

7. Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra Volume Mascara.  My all time favourite Mascara! I used up 4 of them. ( That’s why it’s such a pity that this brand is testing on animals. I used to buy a lot from them. I’ll be missing this product. Fortunately I already found something similar. ) Great! It’s doing everything it should do as a volume Mascara . Score: 6!

8. L.A.Girls PRO.conceal corrector. A very nice concealer with quite a good coverage but still looking natural on your skin. Score: 5

That’s all for today. I hope you found something interesting here .

Let us know what your last used up products were and what would you recommend.

Greetings, Linda😊💚


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