Let me present to you one of my weird passions – stickers. Yes, I am quite a sticker freak😂😉. And it’s just got worse because everything you’ll see on the photos below was purchased in last few weeks…😲😨😂😉.

But seriously, I always liked stickers and I was buying them from time to time but never TOO much. But recently I discovered this Web shop where you can buy nice stickers for a great price. And also our local Hema shop had a sale…

I’m not very creative but stickers help me make my Bullet Journal pretty.  I also use them in my correspondence and in my Bible Study journal. And if there are some that I’m not using, I’ll give them to our kids – they love all kinds of stickers!💜 So I don’t waste them.

Do you like stickers? If so how and where do you use them? Let us know.

Greetings, Linda 😁😊💜


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