The touch of Paris

This is a great post from my friend from Fashionatka. She is also Gosia’s sister 💙😊 I love this girl and her taste💙👏 Check out her blog. Greetings, Linda

10 months.

10 months ago I posted for the last time on this blog. It’s been a busy period for me , I did move out from my industrial apartment with the cement floor you saw on most my posts, or so I became a Visual Merchandiser, I did dream about it for a while and it toke some time,but it is success! OK , that’s it about my and my busy time !I’m back , and I promise to be back for good.

I’m back and because it’s been a while, my plan was to return more special, this will be not possible if not the help of two friends of mine who was so nice and agreed to work with me , one of themGosia S. a travel blogger from stk-travel agreed to be my model. She often traveled to Paris and like this city very much, I…

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